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Healthier and Younger Diet Detox

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Healthier and Younger Diet Detox
JAKARTA, Implementing a healthy lifestyle may be the best way to prevent disease. Healthy life can be started from paying attention to food intake into our bodies. Proper diet, for example with a detox diet, also can rid the body of racun.Konsultan nutrition, Andang W Gunawan said, the detox diet is a diet to remove toxins from the body or undergo a detoxification process. Toxins in the body that generates a wide range penyakit.Faktor lifestyle we now lead to many toxins in our body. As a result, many people suffer from chronic diseases, Andang said at the launch of his book, Detox Diet, Body Toxins Powerful Ways drain at Kinokuniya Bookstore, South Jakarta, Tuesday (11/11/2014) .diet detox is believed to make the body more healthy or avoid of various diseases. Doing this diet on a regular basis can make healthier skin making it look younger or slow down aging. According Andang, this detox diet also makes a person able to improve their quality of life without drugs kimiawi.Sayur-sayuranAndang explained, the body can not remove toxins or poisons maximum. As a result, toxins can circulate in the blood, lymph, damage cells and tissues. Through his book, Andang gave some tips for running a detox diet offered by Andang this is by fasting consumption of unhealthy foods. Its main intake of vegetables and fruits buahan.Kalau us a lot of fruit and vegetable consumption, it is automatically the body to detox. If the daily consumption of vegetables and fruit would we be better, said Andang after decades of trying a detox diet ini.Dalam thick book's 112 pages, Andang not only explain about the detox diet, but also recipes and provides sample menus for detox consumed during 7 days, 14 days and 30 hari.Menurut Andang, there are various signs someone needs to do a detox diet. Among them when feeling often tired, lethargic, headache, muscle and joint pain, digestive disorders, skin problems, osikologis problems, weight problems, constipation, decreased libido up. But you should, you should wait for disease to diet detoks.Jangan wait until it hurt. If we can before we feel anything doing a detox diet, he said.

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