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6 Foods Japanese Popular in Indonesia

6 Foods Japanese Popular in Indonesia

 Now you do not need to bother to foreign countries just to enjoy a menu of other countries, including Japan. Japan has a variety of culinary options and is very popular in Indonesia. Many young people and adults to enjoy Japanese food from roadside stalls, food stalls, to the restaurant. Roughly, Japanese food what else hits in Indonesia? Let's see!

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1. The typical Japanese SushiMakanan this one is very popular among young people, in particular

, Now you can find sushi in many Japanese restaurants. Varian also a wide variety of sushi. In Japan, there are even hundreds of different types of sushi, you know! However, there are some sushi popular in Indonesia, such as the California roll, salmon sushi, rainbow roll and dragon roll.
2. SashimiSashimi different from the sushi. Japanese food in the form of fresh seafood sliced ​​and enjoyed with typical Japanese soy sauce. Key to the enjoyment of sashimi is the freshness of the seafood and the knife used to slice. Some sashimi are popular in Indonesia, such as salmon sashimi and maguro sashimi.
3. OnigiriOnigiri is a typical Japanese rice balls. Generally onigiri in Japan for the provision to schools, offices, and even a picnic. The contents of onigiri now also become more diverse. Not only rice ball, you can also enjoy onigiri which contains salmon, tuna, chicken, beef yakiniku up.
4. RamenRamen a Japanese-style noodle dish has a lot of toppings. Deliciousness lies in water ramen broth. The original Japanese ramen broth has made from miso, and contains slices of meat, seaweed and scallions. Besides miso, ramen also have a few options such as shio broth (sea salt), shoyu (soy sauce).
5. DorayakiTak only major food are popular in Indonesia, namely dorayaki typical Japanese snack is also very popular. Maybe popularity dorayaki originated from Doraemon cartoon character who loved dorayaki. Dorayaki have a spherical shape and the dough-like pancakes. However, its uniqueness lies in the content dorayaki, which is typical of red beans. However, in Indonesia has begun modified into dorayaki cheese or chocolate.
6. The typical Japanese MochiCamilan other popular ones are mochi. The round shape of small interesting to look and make you curious about the taste. Mochi has a sweet taste. The main ingredient is rice mochi sticky mashed. Soft and elastic texture of mochi making Japanese food is like many Indonesian people.
For those of you who want to taste the typical Japanese food with a friendly price, now do not have much to Japan because there are a lot of sushi restaurants serving typical food Negeri Sakura, namely Sushi Kiosk. Sushi Kiosk not only serves sushi, but also sashimi, onigiri, and donburi. Sushi Kiosk present the first time in 2010. The concept promoted by sushi kiosk is Grab and Go, here the customer can simply select a menu on the display shelves are available with quick and practical. After selecting a desired menu, the customer can immediately complete the transaction at the checkout. The menu can be enjoyed for dine in or take away.
Until now, Sushi Kiosk develops a total of eight outlets in

, Bogor, and Surabaya. Sushi Kiosk always strive to provide the best products and services for its customers, by continuing to make progress based on the value of a company always uphold the integrity. Sushi Kiosk always provide the best deals for our loyal customers. Not only pay attention to the taste, but also the quality of food and service.
The entire outlet Sushi Kiosk has implemented the standard of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a food safety management system and has been recognized worldwide. With the application of HACCP, all the food presented at Sushi Kiosk assured been through the selection of quality and safety standards are guaranteed, especially for those who served raw sashimi menu.
Sushi Kiosk consumers can feel safe eating all the menus were well cooked and raw as guaranteed quality standards.
Voucher savers Sushi Kiosk ranging from Rp 49,000 here to Torikon Enoki onigiri + + Tuna Salad Tuna Salad Crispy Mentai-4PCS + Salmon Maki-8pcs + Miso Soup


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